How Unschooling Facilitates Authentic Self-Expression

I thoroughly enjoyed this and I think you will too. Arielle asked brilliant questions that really facilitated an exploration of how unschooling shows up in practice, and not just in theory. I've already offered several examples throughout this course, but this time, I get to share some insights from my ongoing deschooling process that I think you'll find helpful. Here's the link to the podcast:

What You’ll Hear:

:24 Who is Akilah S. Richards?

1:11 Location Independent Family

2:20 what is radical self expression?

4:29 Radical “Selfie” work and entrepreneurship

7:51 Akilah’s Business transition inspirations.

12:30 Unschooling and the anomalies of success.

16:42 Removing her kids from conventional school and the deschooling process.

22:37 Akilah shares examples of her family’s unschooling lifestyle

26:37 Testing vs. Engaging: Is it possible to leave the educational system behind?

28:04 What about college?

29:56 What’s next for Akilah Richards?

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