Our First Out Loud - Course 2: Stories of Our Pasts

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Those of us from BIPOC communities can often speak to witnessing the practices of elder community members in our lives, as well as the intuitive practices of younger people. While these practices seemed to have no rhyme or reason from the dominant perspective, they helped the practitioners survive and thrive within the larger oppressive context. In this five-week course, participants will be asked to document and speak about these practices, as doing so can help us more strongly recognize these practices as based in long-standing and valid knowledge systems that have been otherwise hidden from us. The purpose of this course, through documentation and speaking aloud, is to remind ourselves to trust and reclaim these systems, and to support each other in doing so. Our heads know that our knowledge systems exist, so this course is designed to remind our hearts and spirits as well.

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Kelly Limes Taylor
Kelly Limes Taylor

Kelly Limes Taylor, PhD does many things, including think, teach, and write. She also likes internally narrating her life as if it's a novel, as well as imagining new ways to live and then living them. She's mostly good at mothering, too.

Kelly's published multiple articles and book chapters, and presented at even more conferences -- but she doesn't remember all those details, so you may want to check out ourcontingence.net for the list.

Kelly currently lives in the northwest corner of Georgia with her children, two dogs, and the cat -- who is her mortal enemy -- and said cat's growing family. Besides enjoying her family and home, Kelly reminds adults of the validity of their own wisdom and knowledges.

Kelly has just been introduced to dried figs and is enjoying them so far, though she's sure she'll overdo it soon.

Also, she is happy.

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