ILID Course Facilitator

As an unwavering advocate for personal leadership and intergenerational harmony, I draw from a decade of immersive experience in unschooling to guide individuals in forging stronger, self-directed bonds across all ages and life stages. My exploration of unschooling has deepened my understanding of the essential skills and rituals needed for nurturing consent-based relationships with oneself, others, and the inherent changes of life. Rooted in a profound commitment to bridging generational divides, my work extends to addressing the often-neglected realm of education around grief, loss, and change. This commitment extends to addressing the echoes of our educational experiences that shape our identities and relationships, advocating for spaces where acceptance and release can flourish. My work is a living testimony to the power of intentional, liberated learning and unlearning. Through my influential podcast, Fare of the Free Child, and my active participation in a variety of communal projects, I've walked with families as they/we cultivate healthier dynamics rooted in respect, consent, and learning to live with things we may not ever fully understand, change, or prefer.

*Some of our sessions will include eye-contact time where you'll see my face and hopefully I'll see yours. Some sessions, you'll hear my voice, but I will use images I created instead of turning on my camera. I've done this with other courses and really appreciate the value of varying between visual and auditory focus during facilitation. I'm always going to be there live, real-time, just not always visually. You can turn your camera on or off anytime you wish, because I do not need to see you to trust that you are in the room and attentive. Check in with your own wisdom about how you keep yourself engaged and attentive.

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